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I have been performing poetry since 2016 when I moved from London to Edinburgh. Mainly performing with the Loud Poets. I have many videos showing my quirky and unique style of poetry on their YouTube channel. 

In early 2020, I placed second at the Stanza slam in St. Andrews, and later that year released my debut pamphlet "Poetry for Cows" - a collection of poems designed to demonstrate the diversity available in showcasing any topic. 

In 2021, I worked with Imogen Stirling & Katie Tough to create two Renga for Return To Form Season 2 - solidifying a love for writing in form and continuing my artistic exploration through poetry. I have also had poetry published with Coin-Operated Press.

I am currently seeking new opportunities for gigs, commissions, and poetry submissions. 

Digital Art

I have been developing my digital art skills for some time and am delighted to have been able to work with different organisations to use my art in different ways. 

Working with Scottish band Gefahrgeist, I created single artwork for their upcoming release 'Limbo', as well as promotional postcards for them to print and distribute. 

I have created a set of overlays for the NaPoWriMo podcast with I Am Loud Productions. 

In 2021, I was commissioned by Young Women Scot as part of their "Our Work Counts" campaign and produced 3 pieces of artwork with accompanying haiku to illustrate the challenges women face in the workplace. 

I am available for commissioned pieces, custom twitch or zoom video overlays and additional artworks. 

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In 2020, Naomi Head and I created 'Jingle Belles', a movie review podcast focused on the cheesiest Christmas movies we could find. Naomi is the director and creative lead on the podcast, the podcast is edited by Mark Gallie and I am a co-host and artist. 

In addition to 'Jingle Belles', I also produced, and voice acted for the "Building Stories" podcast hosted by Dr Katie Ailes, through I Am Loud Productions. This podcast was commissioned by Edinburgh City of Literature and Historic Environment Scotland to showcase forgotten female writers in Edinburgh, in celebration of the commemorative plaques they are receiving in Sping 2022. 

I also appeared on the pilot season of 'The Loudcast' in 2020 to discuss comedic poetry with Kevin Mclean, produce and edit the NaPoWriMo podcasts for 2022 and was the producer of Loud Poets Happy Hour in 2021. 


National Poetry Writing Month (aka NaPoWriMo) takes place annually in April. 

Since 2020, I Am Loud Productions have documented their NaPoWriMo journey through their social media platforms and with a weekly podcast which is posted on podcasting platforms, and on YouTube.


Since starting this project in 2019, I have been responsible for producing the project including creating graphics, video overlays, prompts, planning & liaising with poets both involved in the recording and outwith who are participating. 


As of 2022, I now also edit and upload the full versions of each episode online - and am responsible for all elements of NaPoWriMo for I Am Loud Productions. 

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